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Kuemeng Shiong

Club Director & Coach

"A Positive Attitude Can Change Everything, Anything is Possible To Achieve."

When I was younger, I travelled with my father’s volleyball team as they competed in Hmong tournaments all across the Midwest, including the Independence Day weekend tournament: the Hmong Freedom Festival. I’d watched them for so many years, but didn’t learn how to play myself until the winter of 1988.


From that winter on, I continued to play volleyball and eventually became a member of the Hmong volleyball team Modern Day Youth, better known as MDY. Our team participated in various Hmong volleyball tournaments, including the Hmong Freedom Festival (Hmong’s National Volleyball Tournament), just like my dad. We won several titles and championships during our career.


Eventually I found myself playing less and coaching more. Early in my coaching career, I secured three HVB National Hmong Freedom Festival titles. In 2012, I also expanded my coaching to include JO volleyball. I started with Wicked Moose and then Minnesota Volleyball Academy (MVA). Two years later, I went on to coach Team Hype and added another Hmong Freedom Festival National Championship to my collection.

Below are some of my other coaching accomplishments:

- 2019: Hype 15-1 Head Coach

- 2018: Hype 14-1 Head Coach

- 2017: MVA 12-1 Head Coach 

- 2016: MVA 16S Head Coach and MVA 18E Assistant Coach (Earned a bid to Girls Junior National Championship in Dallas, TX)

- 2015: MVA 17E Head Coach (Earned a Bid to Girls Junior National Championship in Indianapolis, IN)

- 2014: MVA 16E Head Coach (Finished 3rd at ASICS National Championship)

- 2013: MVA 14E Head Coach

- 2012: Wicked Moose 14-1 Head Coach

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