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What They Say About Us

"My daughters were at a point where they desired to elevate their level of play within a more competitive league. They made the decision to switch clubs and join Hype's JO program and found it to be rewarding in so many ways. Through Hype training and the JO season, we saw great improvements in their skill set, confidence and in their volleyball IQ. Not only did they become stronger volleyball players, they formed close friendships with their teammates which made the season that much more meaningful. The Hype coaching staff connects with the girls in a way that makes them want to push themselves to become stronger players. The expertise they bring to training and coaching is evident in the progress of each player individually as well as collectively as a team. I highly recommend Hype volleyball for players looking to take their skills to the next level in a competitive and caring environment." 


Christina M. (mom to Ava & Kyla)  - 2018

"My daughter started going to Hype Training about 2 years ago and played Hype JO this past season.  We started seeing growth in her volleyball skills after just a few sessions.  She really liked volleyball, but after working with the Hype coaches, she loved it!  The coaches bring knowledge, enthusiasm and love for the sport! The girls are pushed to do better, while providing them with constant positive feedback. We feel very lucky to have found Hype and couldn't ask for a better group of coaches! "


Bobbie Y. -  2018

"Dear Hype Volleyball,

We wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the incredible experience you have given us in being a part of this club and participating in the individualized training sessions.

Over the past few years our daughter has participated in club volleyball and training with a couple different organizations.  We finally found what we were looking for with Hype Volleyball.  This past year, training and playing with Hype was by far the best we have experienced.  We were impressed with the growth and skill development for our daughter.  She not only became a better volleyball player, she became much more confident and self-assured.   

The coaches are knowledgeable and passionate about the game of volleyball and want to help each team member grow in their position and skill development, helping them excel as an athlete, teammate, and individual.  They focus on teaching proper technique, court awareness, and playing smarter, not harder.  The coaches help foster teamwork, leadership, communication, and camaraderie.  Our daughter learned what it meant to be a part of and work with her team.  Each girl supported each other and always stayed positive.

We are so appreciative to the coaches and staff with Hype Volleyball.  You not only see what each player can do currently, but also see their potential to grow and excel. 

Thank you for letting us be a part of the Hype family!"

Denise & Joe T. - 2018

"After attending a Hype Training Session, my two daughters decided to switch volleyball clubs and join Hype. There are several differences between Hype and other volleyball clubs, but the difference that stands out the most is the level of coaching. Coach Kue and Coach Insai both treat the girls like athletes; they expect a high level of play during practices and games. At the same time, they both know how to have fun and joke with the girls. Their positive, skill-focused coaching style has helped both of my daughters grow as volleyball players in a short amount of time. "

Katie S. - 2018

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